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Expand your mind intellectually and physically


PERSONALITY TRAITS: Large, rounded eyes reflect a warm, loving personality. Those with soft eyes reflect a passive, receptive way of seeing the world. The soft-eyed person will tend to be easygoing and relaxed, less able or willing to control.

Bulging eyes reflect nervousness, penetrating, forcefully reaching out. People with hard, tense eyes see the world in terms of how they might control it. These people are overly aggressive and assertive seem to reach out and grab whatever they are focusing on.

Deeply set eyes reflect a lifetime of withheld expressions and withdrawn sadness. These people frequently spend a lot of time critically observing the actions and activities of others.

People with baby eyes, (wide-open, pleading) are doubly expression and the individual tends to use these soft and sensual eyes to seduce and manipulate as they attempt to draw you in closer to them. These people often have an immature way of seeing and being to the world.

Nearsighted (myoptic) people tend to be shy, rational and introspective. They need to extend themselves more comfortably in the world

Seraphin's Awakening -Andrew Gonzales

Farsighted (hyperopia) people tend to have an ability to perceive activities that occur up close. They tend to extroverted and outgoing and extend themselves into activities, relationships and future-oriented thinking as a way to avoid having to engage and develop their inner self.

High brow person is refined and intellectual. Low brow is coarse. Browbeaten person tends to be easily intimidated. A tight-knitted brow usually reflects an intense, highly focused way of being in the world. Constantly moving brows reflect anxious surprise and lack of intellectual focus.


PSYCHOLOGICAL: Some believe that myopia (nearsightedness) is a result of traumatized muscles around the eye and when the trauma is released, the eye can relax and perhaps return to normal.

Recognize your Intellect and Inner Psychic as subselves. Employ your Intellect as needed. Refuse to permit it to masquerade as you, the Center. Share and expand visions for yourself, your beloved, your loved ones, your community and world. Intuit each other’s thoughts and feelings. Meld minds with your kids, parents and friends. Let dreams, past life images, fantasies guide you.

PHYSICAL: Meditation, yoga, visualizations.

COUPLES BLESSING: Join brows. Look up into each others’ eyes till they appear to merge and say, "I love you. I celebrate how you understand and intuit." Chant OOO.
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Information On other Chakras:
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