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Better your sexual loving, conscious conception and beautiful child-rearing


PHYSICAL EFFECTS: Bladder troubles, irregular or painful menstrual cycles, miscarriages, impotency, bed wetting, knee, menopause symptoms, knee pain, constipation, colitis, dysentery, diarrhea, incontinence, hernias, sterility, infertility, endemtriosis, vaginitis, vaginismis, sexually transmitted diseases, yeast, frigidity.

AREAS AFFECTED: large intestines, lymph circulation, appendix, abdomen, upper leg, sex organs, uterus, bladder, knees

PERSONALITY TRAITS: A healthy, fully functioning "genital" personality has Zen-like fluidity. The genital blocked person is sometimes conflicted, wants to open up to be free at times, closed at other times. Sometimes she or he wants to be free, independent and unafraid while struggling with the parts of themselves that desire to be secure.

In men, the compulsion for a man to demonstrate his masculinity by thrusting, forceful lovemaking can contribute to genital armoring which manifests as a hardening of the penis. Sometimes men acquire an attitude of sexual greed which needs repeated genital stimulation. The story below illustrates what can happen when these issues are not addressed and get out of control.

Sasha and I once had a telephone interview with a prospective client who had been labeled a "sex addict" by previous therapists because he masturbated constantly, frequented prostitutes and got caught cheating on his wife with his mistress. His need for continual genital stimulation led him to masturbating in his corporate office and in the restrooms of planes when he traveled. He lost his high-paying executive position as a CEO with a major corporation when an employee walked in on him as he was ejaculating. His wife was threatening divorce and taking the kids, but was willing to give him a second chance if he stopped. He felt helpless to cease his self-destructive behavior and was terrified he would get caught again. He never showed for his appointment with us.


Center yourself and master your sexy and conservative voices. Access, identify, cathart and reprogram abuse, incest, rape and molestations.

PHYSICAL: Stroke the woman’s sacred sector,inner, belly-side vagina from pubic bone to orafice. Help her focus her full attention on her genitals so she can accept them and learn how they feel. Many times there will be burning or areas that are numb. Hold your fingers on that spot and encourage her to emote and rescript self-limiting decisions she remembers when you stroke her. Then she will, with great pleasure, respond to your stroke. She ejaculates. Amrita springs from its urethral font.

When a woman is healed, her vagina becomes soft, pliable, naturally yielding and welcoming. The vaginal muscles become elastic and responsive to the penis as they pulse, caress and massage the lingam, naturally expanding to receive and contracting to embrace.

Women manipulate the men’s first and second chakra. Lovingly massage around and inside the genitals. A man too, regresses, releases pent-up emotions and learns alternative behaviors which better serve him now. Help him transform pain into pleasure.

When the man is healed, his lingam becomes less stiff. When erect, it is vibrantly alive, warm and flexible. He now feels increased sensitivity in the lingam and is able to feel more without ever increasing stimulation. This allows him to relax more in your lovemaking. Eventually he’ll be able to feel pulses.

Learn how to receive. As you discover how to love and accept yourself, you become whole and healed so that you can freely enter loving with another person. Now that you have released, expressed and allowed new programs to do into your psyche, you can be fully present for a union with your beloved and the ecstatic connection of your sacred lovemaking.

Enjoy a wider range of sensuality. Join genitals. Men, nestle your penis, limp or erect, into your lover. Men, decide whether you ejaculate. Retain your ejaculate and pull your energy up, when you chose, instead of squirting. It’s easy.

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Information On other Chakras:
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