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Better your sexual loving, conscious conception and beautiful child-rearing


When you feel ejaculation pending, shift your focus from your genitals to your hands, eyes, lips and concentrate on using your fingers, mouth and gaze to delight your lover. Pull energy up from your genitals as you squeeze your pubococcygeal, diaphragm and throat muscles. Picture energy flowing from your crown into your lovers.

Genitals that are healed feel more alive, allowing your consciousness to meet where they are joined. Sensations generalize from a tiny area to the whole area. Every movement becomes sensitive, sending waves of bliss up both your spines. You surrender mental control and allow the energy to consume you, take you to higher levels of awareness, into timelessness, deeper connectedness and universal consciousness.

Together you have moved into areas where you are now free of fear and identification with your past traumas. You are well on your way to removing habitual tendencies to contract. You rediscover instinctual areas of loving oneness, bliss and ecstasy. You feel your unity and it has internalized in every cell in your bodies.

COUPLES BLESSING: Connect and pleasure her second chakras with touch, intention and breathing techniques. Press your genitals against hers. Say, "I love you at your yoni and bless your sensuality, creativity and sexuality." Chant VAM.

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Information On other Chakras:
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