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Courageously give and get love; explore relationship options


PERSONALITY TRAITS: The person that has difficulty building and sustaining energetic charges in the heart, lung and chest area tends to be passive more than aggressive, prone to depression and actions are motivated by a sense of fear and inferiority. Because she or he continually experiences a small portion of self-generated feelings of love and connectedness, they may feel they need to be charged and inspired by the life energies of others. Consequently, these people tend to be more "taker" than "giver". They may be moody often feeling anguish and despair. Chest-contractive persons tend to have deflated egos.

The puffed-up chested person may easily express loud emotions, anger and rage, then apologize afterwards, yet seemed to be embarrassed to cry or show soft emotions. They need to appear to be in control. Feelings of tenderness and receptivity are buried deep and the overemphasis on the upper body draws energy away from feeling and sexual centers. The over-expanded chest is indicative of a blown-up ego. These people tend to suffer from chronic anxiousness, hypertension, high blood pressure and are possibly inclined towards tuberculosis and heart problems.


PSYCHOLOGICAL: Encourage emotional abreactions that focus on giving up long-held fears and pockets of sadness. Soft emotions such as sadness, sorrow, longing, pity, depression, wanting and heartbreak tend to get stuck here. Go within, identify and express. Allow tears.

COUPLES: Evoke your Divine Consort. Love, adore, support and cheer your lovers. Get sweet, romance each other. Share consciousness–identify with each other. Walk in each others’ spiritual moccasins. Synergize your separate spirits within a larger spirit, the spirit of family, friends, those you love.

PHYSICAL: Do activities that encourage deep breathing, such as yoga, swimming, dance, etc. Practice moving the energy and breath up from the lower chakras to get in touch with the soft emotions. Visualize it happening. Free tense muscles and expand the rib case with Rolfing which allows more room for the lungs to expand.

COUPLES BLESSING: Place your right hand on her heart and her right on your heart. Put your left hand behind her heart, between your shoulder blades; have her put her left behind your heart. Say, "I send you love." Chant YAM.

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Information On other Chakras:
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