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Commit, reprogram limits, heal and ground yourself and others


People who have difficulty expressing themselves in a creative, spontaneous and flexible fashion or who have trouble allowing their feelings to flow freely in a non-compulsive, unobstructed fashion may feel tension in this chakra. The root chakra deals with the desire to own and possess. The Base usually stores trauma when it feels belittled or helpless. If person is tense and tight in the anus, she or he is over-concerned with material and survival needs and may experience difficulty giving and receiving in an unrestrained fashion. They may try to hoard and possess everything which they come in contact. If that area is flexible and vital, that person is usually open, giving and free-flowing in the world.

EMOTIONAL RESPONSES: Anger of the past, fear of deadlines, afraid to let go, feeling burdened, mental fears that weaken masculinity, guilt, sexual pressure, belief in aging, numbness, being hypocritical, fear of money and the future, inability to flow with life, holding on to old ideas, distrust of life, lack of integrity, no courage of convictions, pissed off, blaming others, angry emotions, down on partner, deep hurt, longstanding resentment, deep grief or grief eating away at self, carrying hatreds, what’s the use, tension, gripping, hold on.

PHYSICAL EFFECTS: Prostate cancer, rectal cancer, hemorrhoids, itching, pain at base of spine, sacroiliac conditions, spinal curvatures, sciatica, lumbago, difficult, painful or frequent urination, backaches, poor circulation in legs, swollen ankles, weak arches and ankles, cold feet, weak legs, leg cramps.

AREAS AFFECTED: Sacrum, Coccyx, Hip bones, buttocks, rectum, anus, prostate gland, muscles of the lower back, sciatic nerve, lower legs, ankles, feet

VOICES: Voices that deal with survival such as the Inner Critic, Pleaser, Warrior, Inner Child

Base of the spine
Ovaries and testes


- Clumsy Prostatic Examinations
- Sexual Molestation and rape
- Men: Feeling emasculated
- Insecurity
- Basic material needs not being met

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Buttocks (gluteus maximus muscles) are held tight and chronically tightened. Backside looks as though it has been pinched from either side. This "tight ass" has developed a chronic attitude of forcefully holding on to her or his expressions, feelings and creations. Pelvic diaphragm muscles grouped together below the anus and along the bottom of the gluteus maximus muscles are pulled in and up off the pelvic floor. This blockage restricts sexual functioning as this person holds so tightly to his backside and her or his sex organs that they cut themselves off from many feelings and spontaneous interactions. She or he may have difficulty giving and receiving emotionally.

PERSONALITY TRAITS: This person is typically a "tight-ass" personality who has developed a chronic attitude of forcefully holding to expressions, feelings and creations. She or he may have difficulty giving and receiving emotions by holding on so tightly cuts himself off from feelings and spontaneous interactions.


PSYCHOLOGICAL: As your lover touches you inside, hear your inner voices. Listen to the voices that protect your Kid from overwhelming physical and emotional pain and from death. Interview these voices and learn their present concerns. Listen to your Inner Child. Let all your voices express themselves and you can integrate their contributions.

PHYSICAL: Join your lovers in healthy activities. Help each other feel secure and safe. Share financially. Encourage each others’ wellness as you eat, exercise and stretch together. Massage each other all over. Caress each others’ base chakras inside and out. If you’re male, invite your lover to put fingers into your rectum and stroke your prostate and the pleasure spot behind your pubic bone.

COUPLES BLESSING: Align chakra energies with your sweetheart’s; reinforce her sense of safety, health and security. Pulse your anal sphincter. Tell her, "I love you". Feel your base and enjoy health, safety and security. Chant LAM.

Information On other Chakras:
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