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Communication is essential to create successful relationships. Without open, honest expression of our wants, desires and needs, relationships soon become stale, falter and fail. In tantra we learn to express ourselves fully, authentically. When we communicate authentically, masks come down and we meet each other outside our facades. With authentic communication and empathetic listening, we learn how to hear beyond the tone or volume of the voice our partner uses that may seem harsh, to reach the underlying pain, and listen with love and understanding. When we do this for another, we create the space for our own personal evolution. For "to know me is to love me". We cannot even begin to know ourselves unless we are real with others and create a safe space for them to be real with us. Express withholds but don't dump. Learn how to communicate kindly. Use gentle tones when possible yet allow yourself a time and place away from others to yell, if you have to. Talk about your negative emotions without inflicting them on your partners. Create a time and space for emotional catharsis. Invite your lover to listen with love. Be there for them when they need to be heard. Discharge and release pent-up frustrations and negativities in healthy ways, such as exercise. Allow your partner to express fully without using anger to censor them. Learn methods of communication and healing that will benefit all of your relationships: lovers, children, co-workers, family and friends. Clear your energy centers for love, fun and pleasure. You're worthy. You deserve all the joy life can give.

Seraphin's Awakening -Andrew Gonzales

Throat, base of neck, behind neck, jaw
Glandular System
Glandular System
Creativity and expression


- Never get to do what you want to do. When is it your turn?
- Belief that you cannot speak up for yourself and ask for what you need
- Not knowing who you are
- Living from everyone else’s wants and needs.
- Repressed anger, so mad you can’t speak, emotional congestion
- Humiliation and guilt

Emotional Responses: wanting to hit someone, too much going on at once, mental confusion, disorder, small hurts, unbending bullheadedness, fear, repressed emotions, stifled creativity, so mad you can’t speak, fear of speaking up, resentment of authority, fear of the calendar, belief in persecution, punishment for guilt, anguish over communication, not accepting the self, dislike of the self, small outbursts of anger, mental eruptions, breath-taking antagonism.

Physical Affects and Diseases: Bursitis, colds, thyroid conditions, stiff neck, pain in upper arm, tonsillitis, whooping cough, croup, laryngitis, hoarseness, throat conditions, sore throat, quinsy, hay fever, neuralgia, neuritis, acne, pimples, eczema.

Areas Affected: Thyroid gland, bursae in the shoulders, elbows, neck muscles, shoulders, tonsils, vocal cords, neck glands, pharynx, lips, mouth, eustachian tube, teeth, tongue, neck, throat, jaw, chin, cheeks, outer ear, face bones, trifacial nerve.

Physical Characteristics: A head chronically held forward relects someone who encounters the world with his rational self (head) first, then later with his feeling self (body). Head held left tends shows defiance and arrogance. Head held right tends to be more playful and cute. Partially drooping head shows partial defeat and emotional exhaustion. Head bent forward head shows a burden too great to bear. Tension in the jaw reflects some degree of blockage of emotions or communications. Receding jaw indicates withheld sadness of anger, an urge to cry or scream.
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Information On other Chakras:
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