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PERSONALITY TRAITS: A receding jaw person might have a great deal of expressing any of her or his emotions orally, have a great deal of difficulty speaking up in groups, defending themselves or voicing opinions. A protruding jaw person might have a defiant character. They may be extremely determined and sometimes arrogant. A clenched jaw person tends to over-control. They tend to swallow or dissolve emotions or information before it can be expressed.


PSYCHOLOGICAL: Develop an honest inner voice. Translate and communicate all emotions and release them through sound. Don’t be afraid to express even the most difficult ones like rage. Hear and express each of your inner voices (subselves). Appreciate them and find ways to express them. Develop a more intimate level of communication and expression with yourself so you can distinguish your own boundaries and self-limits thereby improving your own sense of self-identification. Find ways to improve your self image. Couples: honor your lover’s many voices too. Talk straight with love: tell your truth. Sing your true song and let your lover sing his. Sanctify sex. Select words that revere sexual organs and acts. Yoni (sacred space) for vagina, lingam (want of light) for penis, honoring (cunnilingus, fellatio), rosebud (anus), drapes (vaginal lips), honoring (oral loving), polish her pearl (clitoral honoring). Create your own poetic sex words that have special meaning for you.

PHYSICAL: Balance the flow of energy through the body through deep breathing, releasing sound, yoga and bioenergetic exercises.

COUPLES BLESSING: Put your left hand on the back of her neck and say, "I love you. May you speak honestly and sing your true songs." Chant HAM.
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Information On other Chakras:
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