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Vision Statement

Tantra means "weave." The chakras, an ancient system of energy centers in and about our bodies, are as spools, providing yarn that forms the warp and woof of our consciousness, our "tapestry", so to speak. The chakras (belongingness, sensuality, empowerment, love, communication, clear thinking and seeing and spiritual connectivity) thread through our lives. Consciously woven into our existence, we weave a magic carpet with balance, integration, beauty, harmony and expansion for individuals, relationships and humanity.The seven main body associations, the origin spools, for the chakras are: perineum, genital, solar plexis, heart, throat, brow and crown. From the perineal chakra come the filaments of belonging, feeling healthy, experiencing security and safety. The genital chakra can spin a thread of sensuality and sexuality to every part of the life you weave. Empowerment, the third chakra-spool, gives you the hutzpa to take the joy and authority available to you. From your heart chakra, you connect in love. Image the threads of authentic communication spreading from your throat to every area of your life. For your third-eye, the thread is vision, clarity, intellect, intuitiveness. The Crown Chakra, pictured as a thousand-petaled white lotus that blossoms from the top of our heads, turns into a stream of white light, and mingles with the crown lights of others and the Universe.The yin/yang symbol signifies harmony between male (yin) and female (yang), both internal and external. This dichotomy, represented by the polar opposites of black and white shows balance and integration. In this perfect sphere, both sides are equal in size plus contain elements of their antithesis represented by the white within the black and black within the white.

Seraphin's Awakening -Andrew Gonzales

Kundalini, represented by this symbol, shows the snakes which are the strands of human DNA. The kundalini energy uncoils from the base chakra, twisting up the human spine, one by one through the chakras, past the ganglia centers eventually rushing out the crown chakra creating a divine connection with higher consciousness. When lovers join as one, this process accelerates, integrating yin and yang, harnessing the creative force of procreation to the perfect union of man, woman and God. Astrally, souls subconsciously meet in the non-local net where they affect and alter the consciousness of all humans-the morphogenic field--with their love. Loves transcend chakra blocks, balance inner male and female, activate kundalini and join the astral dance of weavers that mend the holes in the human tapestry.We at World Tantra Association envision a conscious society where we quicken humanity's compassion and unity consciousness with a global network of love and support. We are a network within which all souls can heal, open chakras, balance yin and yang and awaken kundalini. The more souls heal and become conscious, meld, weave, integrate and connect, the sooner they expand the web of love until it holds all. May we be the loving net that supports higher level of consciousness, universal awareness and humanity at peace and in harmony.

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